Free Wedding Font Combinations | The Perfect Match #9


It's that time again!  I'm here to share two more of my favorite free wedding fonts.

One of the greatest things about using Swell & Grand printable wedding invitation templates is that you can customize the fonts to any fonts you wish directly in Word or Pages.  When I made my own wedding invitations over 10 years ago, there weren't that many free wedding fonts on the market. Luckily times have changed!  We are in the middle of a free wedding font boom, which means there are new, beautiful, wedding fonts becoming available everyday.  

When choosing wedding fonts, I suggest couples pick two fonts that work well together.  Using high a quality wedding font pairing across all of your stationery, from invitations to menus and place cards, will create a cohesive look for your wedding. 

However, wedding font pairings can be trickier than it seems when there are thousands of choices.  Luckily, I've been helping couples design their own wedding invitations since 2007, and I've picked up more than a few great combinations. 

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And so! Meet Droid & Maratre, the Perfect Match. Download them at the links below.