The Best Free Wedding Font Combinations

free wedding font combinations and pairings

Our free wedding font parings are brought to you by Swell & Grand.  Stop by their Etsy shop and check out their huge selection of printable wedding templates. Best of all, many of their templates are Everly Paper compatible!

Why pick two fonts instead of just one?  There are a lot of reasons! Here are just a few good ones...

  • Script fonts aren't very legible at smaller sizes
  • Using two fonts will break up the visual space of your design
  • Two well matched fonts can make a DIY invitation look polished

Why not have three or four fonts?  You can maybe get away with three, if you are very careful about how you use them. At four or more fonts visual chaos ensues, and your design will look cluttered and unprofessional. 

Of course, picking two fonts that work well together is harder than it seems, especially when there are thousands of free fonts out there! Never fear, I'm here to help. Luckily, I've picked up more than a few great free font combinations over the past decade of helping couples design their own wedding invitations. 

So, looking for the best free wedding fonts? Get ready to meet Darleston and Steelfish, a Perfect Match. 

Steelfish is one of our favorite free fonts. It's modern, but its condensed forms lend an almost Art Deco feel. I love pairing Steelfish with a classy script with a retro twist like Darleston.  There aren't many free wedding script fonts, and Darleston stands out as one of the best of the bunch! This duo is ready for almost any type of event, from a formal wedding at an art museum, to a casual nightlife shindig. 

Download this Perfect Match using the links below.