How to DIY wedding hang tags with no trimming


It's easy to fall into a rabbit hole of beautiful but time consuming DIY wedding projects on Pinterest.  Most of them involve tons of supplies, and hours of effort. Counting your time spent and supplies, you are often no better off than had you purchased something new. 

But not these hangs tags.  No way. 

With Everly No-Trim Hang Tag Paper you can "print and pop" a 100 hang tags in just a few minutes, and they cost, wait for it, less than 35 cents each!  Tie them to your wedding favors, on your welcome totes, or even use them as a place cards & escort cards.  The uses are endless.

To create these cards we used:

After purchasing the template you can download your files immediately from Etsy. Then, install the suggested fonts, and open up your template in Word or Pages.  Type in your info, print, and "pop" out your tags!

Cost: 34 cents per card